Common Questions

/Common Questions

What is fungal nails and how do you get rid of it?

Nail fungus also known as onychomycosis is a fungal infection that affect either finger or toe nails. Usually this condition develops over time, so once you notice a change in the color or look of your nail it is important to get it looked at and treated as soon as possible. Nails with fungus can ... » read more

What is a heel fissure?

Heel fissures are cracks to your heels that become dry and flaky and sometimes causes deep cracks in your heels that can bleed and become very painful. Generally, this can happen from dry skin, decreased sweat gland activity from wearing backless shoes, or from some medical conditions such as diabetes, kidney disease, eczema, hypothyroidism.

Why do I keep getting ingrown nails?

Ingrown nails can continue to occur from improper cutting of the nail, extensive curvature of your nail, and/or wearing overly tight shoes, these are just a few causes to think about. To avoid this from happening, try cutting your nails straight across and gently filing the corners. There are also other treatments to help reduce ... » read more

Are all the foot care providers a nurse?

Yes. All of the foot care provider are either registered practical nurses or registered nurses who have completed an advanced foot care certificate and have experience working in the public.

When should I see my physician?

Clients should seek help from their physician when there are signs of infection. Signs such as swelling, warmth, redness or pain in your legs or feet.  At this point your feet require a more systemic approach and may need to be prescribed treatment (ex. antibiotics).